God has laid a hand

You were the best the best thing that has ever happened to me
But all good things must come to an end
It broke my heart
In a way, YOU broke my heart
When we were together, I felt like all of my problems disappeared.
Now that we’re not, my whole life became a problem.
So I changed.
I masked my pain with a look of happiness.
You were going to have a baby.
You were going to get what you always wanted.
You were going to be happy.
How could I ruin that?
So I started dating.
I started dating someone that wasn’t you.
Someone who was completely different from you.
I’ll admit it.
I wanted you to be jealous.
To say something.
But you didn’t.
So he and I got engaged.
You didn’t say anything about that either.
He found out my plan so he broke it off.
I didn’t care.
But then I waited.
I don’t know what I was waiting for.
Maybe sympathy?
Maybe for you to see how I was doing?
But I got nothing.
So I tried to move on again.
I changed.
I changed everything I’ve ever believed in.
I changed because of you.
So now I’m married.
I have a ring on my finger and a man I call my husband.
But as I lay here next to him,
I can’t think about anything,
Except for you.
I’ve tried to mend my broken heart with the metaphorical tape of new relationships
And the staples of an “eternal bond”
But I’m still broken
After all this time,
I’m still so broken.

Not even God can fix my broken heart.